Monday, March 12, 2007

Top 10 places I'd like to go to...someday! Part II

To complete my previous post, my fourth itinerary would be a place where I could be amongst those geniuses that I hear and read so much about...geniuses in their own ways in the fields of Art, Music, Philosophy, and Science. My friend who had been to the Louvre said that everybody couldn't just take their eyes off 'David's' statue and Venus de Milo's. You'll just have to take a moment to marvel at their perfection. And besides, who doesn't want to look at nude bodies? Don't look at me! haha

The Louvre Musuem, Paris

Fifth, I'd like to go to my 'ancestors' land...China! (HK, Beijing, Shanghai, Macau)

I've always had this fascination in Chinese culture. I love Chinese movies, love their food (except for those ultra-exotic ones), their lifestyle, their resilience, their passion for tradition and culture...The depict both the Yin and Yang of every aspect in this world. I have been to Macau, HK, and Shenzhen, and other mainland provinces but I have yet been to the colorful provinces of Beijing and Shanghai. One of these days, I will go there and see for myself it indeed their reputation becomes them. :-)

Great Wall of China and Glimpse of the Forbidden City

Sixth, to live out my fantasies of 'yesteryears' and get a glimpse of the 'happy ever after' settings. I'd like to see the palaces of the royalty that fascinated not only the people of then but of the present. Who doesn't know the longest-reigning monarchy? Until now, we have not overcome the feeling of awe when it comes to royalty. It's like they are the living 'fairy tales' that constantly reminds us that castles and palaces are real and they could exist among us. Of course, they also go with the changes as society also changes. But for sure, they still remain as what we have always regarded them to be: royalty. The castles in UK and Germany have always held a special place in my list.

The famous 'Disney' Castle

Edinburg Castle

Seventh, where the "blood diamonds' came from....Africa! For all these years, Africa has never failed to draw attention from the rest of the world. It seems they are always in the news. They say God has forsaken Africa with all the troubles they are in, but I think, it's the other way around...the 'evil' hasn't left Africa alone. The 'evil' takes in many forms, opportunistic states that couldn't just get their hands off it. They want to drain and take everything from Africa and manipulate them to make the peoples turn against each other...and regard them as enemies when the real enemies are the very people who they thought are 'doing' them good.

Just to prolong the excitement a little bit, I'll leave you guys guessing on where my next adventure would lead me. I hope you are enjoying yourselves with this little 'travel guide' edition of mine. I am taking this opportunity in thanking all those wonderful photographers, tourists, enthusiasts for sharing their magical experiences across the globe through their photos. For me, photos are the best way of showing the world that this is a great place to be in and that we should make it our responsibility in keeping it as it is for our generation, and the next, and so forth.


  1. The castle looks like it's from
    "F├╝rstentum Liechtenstein"

  2. doki, yup that's it! hahaha

  3. hi rain! any highly recommended new koreanovela?haha.:-)

  4. hi may, since princess hours, I haven't watched any Koreanovela yet...but I have one pending, The Vineyard Man (the lead actress is also the one from Princess Hours). Maybe this upcoming holiday I'll get the chance to watch it. :-)