Monday, March 12, 2007

Top 10 places I'd like to go to...someday!

When I opened my yahoo page, this article caught my eyes...Eight Places Every Woman Should Go by Stephanie Griest.

The places she had mentioned in her article were interesting enough. However, we don't the same opinion...

I have my own list of 'Places every woman should Go'....maybe not discriminately just for women, but I think for anyone...who is adventurous and travel-hungry individuals like me.

Here's my list.....

First - A place to be free, be sensual, be 'paganistic' ...

Paris and Rio de Janeiro...cities where you can 'lose' yourself and at the same time be 'reunited' with your sensual self...maybe when God created the cities, he might have breathed love into its air...

Second - A place to be one with Mother nature...and feel that you are just a 'minute' detail in this universe and all that you worry and tire yourself of thinking are just nothing compared to the dynamics in this universe. For this, I'd like to go to Greece and Bahamas Islands.

Machu Piccu - Argentina

Third, a place to be one with the know when and where did all these modernity came from and how far humanity has evolved from its very humble beginnings....For this, I'd go to South America. It would give you a deeper understanding of how they lived in those times. If you've seen Mel Gibson's Apocalypto, I think you'll appreciate it more. And also the movie, "The Motorcycle Diaries", featuring the life of Ernesto 'Che' Guevarra.

This is all for now....the rest of my list will be continued...

I've still got seven more to go. This is a journey of a lifetime. If God permits it, I would really go state-hopping and see for myself the wonders of this world...


  1. Wow! Im impressed! Im definitely travelling more this year. Goodluck

  2. before I die...

    3. I'd like to run with the bulls of pamplona.

    2. free climb the highest peak in the badlands.

    1. make love to my wife while watching the aurora borealiz.

  3. balikbayan_box: isn't it obvious that I love travelling? how i wish i could just indulge in this particular whim! :-)

    tk: next time, I'll make a post of the things I'd like to do before I die! hehe