Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Another withered rose

A week ago, I was shocked to learn that the Korean female lead in Attic Cat, which I loved truly, was found dead by suicide. Initially, I thought it was just a mad joke but then, everybody was saying so, even the news.

Looking back, this country had also its share of such tragedy...a young and promising artist, outgoing and well-loved by the people...then suddenly, a tragedy happened. I could remember the whole country was moved to the edge when this happened.

I am sure that the Korean community felt at loss by this event. It must have been a very difficult time for all of them.

Personally, I was devastated by the fact that she committed suicide due to alleged 'depression' from her lack of career. How could someone as young as her be so depressed with such eventuality? I could cite a thousand instances that our very own artists in the entertainment industry have 'come and go'. Some of them bounced back intact, some have really stayed out of 'showbiz' while some just tried other fields. I wonder how Korean parents raise their children. Do they instill into their children's psyche that having a career equates having and living a great life?

Maybe we Filipinos are too flexible and resilient to life's odds. We couldn't blame her (Jeong Da-bin) if she felt so lost, unloved, and worthless simply because she hadn't landed a job or project. Maybe she was made to feel that the circumstances beyond her control. All the more pity for her. If only she was assured that life is not all about fame and success, that alongside good things are tough times and that you just have to hold on and see it through the end...then maybe we could seen a different ending.

I am so saddened by her death. In fact, I still got a dvd of a series where she is the lead actress which I hadn't got around of watching yet. it would be weird watching it knowing she's already gone.

The moral here is that, whatever happens in our life, let us not forget that it is not just going to end there. There's so much more to it...


  1. Like a candle in the wind...

  2. what a loss really... so young and so vibrant, umbelievable talaga. most filipinos are resilient because most of us rely from God's mercy. we are not to be defeated that easy.