Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What's new and up?

Today is such a ‘bed’ weather day…gloomy, rainy, and so laidback…it seems like the time is keeping still…a new year has dawned and yet everything feels like so “un-new”.

Last week, the same drag was on. My sister’s vacation was unintentionally extended due to unfortunate circumstances…she was banked off by the airline upon checking in because of delays. She was fuming mad but at least she got to stay longer here in Davao and do absolutely nothing except watch dvd, shop, eat, sleep, and just be a bum. Well, she went back to Cebu today. It added to the gloomy mood.

So, it’s up to me to perk up my day. I was just so desolate with the sluggish internet connection. And my YM is really trying my patience; it seems to have a mind of its own. But I’m determined to make this day a happy one.

I was brain-storming as to what I’d be writing for my blog. Then an idea came up. Why not I make a sort of a ‘plan’ for my blog? Like for this week, I’m going to write about what I like to do most this year, or where would I want to go, or who I want to meet again or reunited with, etc…

In the future days, expect that my posts’ tempo would be such. I wonder what I’d feel writing tomorrow. I’ll have to ponder it on tonight before falling asleep. It just struck me that at night time, before finally drifting off, is the time that I have so many ideas that I wanted to post but never got around writing them. hahaha


  1. write about your patients- not as medical cases. just make sure they remain anonymous and don't give any details that would give away their identities. privilege info 'yon

  2. wow, thanks for the idea...i'll remember that!