Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My favorite korean series...

Buzz for Princess Hours from Yahoo featured article!

Just yesterday, as I was browsing the internet, I got really excited when I chanced upon a feature of Princess Hours in the Yahoo page. Gosh, it's such a phenomenon already that everywhere I look, it's there...especially now that it is being aired by the local network with Filipino translation. Would you believe that I still wait up every night to watch Princess Hours series? Hay, I'm still super kilig with it.

This is about the 3rd time that I've posted about Princess Hours. Check them out here, and here. As to where my obsession with Princess Hours ends, only God knows! :-)

Well, to get back to the main topic, I was really ecstatic when I read the article about the possibility or certainty for that matter, of the Goong (a.k.a Princess Hours) sequel. And the best part is that majority fo the original cast in Goong I would be still included in the series. Yipeeee!

I have watched too many Korean novelas but this was the one that really left a deep impression to me. Everything was almost perfect. All the ingredients of life were thrown all together and thus succeeding in depicting life and its dynamics.

Love for family. Duty and Honor. Respect for tradition. Friendship. Love. Friendship. Heart aches. Frustration and despair. Hope. Forgiveness. Acceptance. Reconciliation.

I can't get enough of it. If I hadn't been sick during the holidays, I would have finished watching again the 24-episode series. Unfortunately, I was too sick to even get up. But I'm still determined to pursue my plan of doing so.

I hope the sequel comes out soon...

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