Friday, December 22, 2006

Cut, sewn, mending...

Yesterday, I was scheduled for an operation. Almost 10 years ago, I had also undergone the same procedure, breast incision for mass.

The doctor's request indicated for the operation to start at 9:30am. As I was instructed by the hospital personnel previously to come early for the processing of my insurances, etc., I was there at 8:45am. I had all my papers. I'll just have to submit them to the Philhealth counter for approval and validation. Then, the waiting time started.

Upon entering the OPD, I saw a fellow patient who's been also scheduled to be operated by my very doctor at 9:00am. We chatted and had exchanged personal info regarding our condition. Her's was a mass located at the right hand. A month ago, she said it was removed and then surprisingly, it grew back into a larger size than it used to be prior to its excision. Whoa, at least mine didn't grew back at that fast rate. It took years.

Then gone was 9am, 10am, 11am, 12nn...We were informed that there was an emergency procedure to be done by our surgeon. It was hellish...and we couldn't leave because we were never given any advisory or assurance as what time will the doctor arrive. But we were told to just wait.

Then at 1:00pm, he came. All smiles but never apologetic. It was like sheer arrogance knowing that we'd be still waiting for him until the end of time. But more than anything else, I was just glad that I'd be operated soon.

Since I am a nursing student myself, I was so absorbed in observing what he's doing and what the student nurse was going through. I bet she was more nervous than I was. hahahaha During one of our return demo sessions, assisting in the O.R. was one of the topic taken up. It was really hard memorizing all the equipment....the scissors, suture, mayo, retractors, etc. I was wondering what would I be feeling if my turn came to assist ini minor and major surgeries. But one thing is for sure..I'm gonna love every minute of it. I just hope the doctors wouldn't be that too sadist to make those moments not so 'memorable'! haha

Now, I'm mending. I hope I would not go back to that o.r. table again...and I should remember to wear socks next time around, if the need arises. My feet surely felt cold yesterday...but not out of nervousness, it was just cold in there. :-)


  1. Sorry to hear abt the operation. May you get well soon...
    Merry Christmas and have a blessed New Year!

  2. hi agring, thanks...Happy new year!