Thursday, September 14, 2006

Over the moon

If you've read my recent post about Princess Hours Korean Drama Series, you'd be able to relate with my current 'status'....I've been to the moon and still haven't come back to Earth. hahaha

As I've said, I watched the Princess Hours and can't stop thinking what's going to happen next...It's a long one, 24-hour series. I actually just discovered it accidentally while checking out my 'suki' DVD shop. Then "babu" (Aunt in Moslem) recommended me this series. She said they jsut finished watching it and that they were really glued to it until the end. So, out of boredom, I bought it.

The next thing I knew, I can't sleep by just thinking of the next exciting and addicting...

Finally, I finished it last yesterday at 5am...starting 8pm on Tuesday until the next day. Imagine???? I still went to work, floating..haha

I'm still not over it..haha It feels good anyways...


  1. hi rain!
    I'll buy one din for me, highly recommended mo kasi.haha

  2. May, meron yan si badet.

  3. may and tk: u watch it in super kikiligin ka...until now i'm replaying it on my mind eh...haha i'll update you kung may maganda na naman akong napanood..hehe i'm actually watching one now, "To marry a millionaire." korea-novela fanatic na talaga ako!hahaha