Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Blast with the 'Grands'

During our duty at the Home for the Aged

Recently, our group was sent off to Davao del Norte at teh Home for the Aged, which is a joint-project of DSWD and LGU, dedicated to care for the abandoned, unattached, desolate elderly. Initially, I thought it would be difficult to deal with them without me being emotional. But as days went by, I enjoyed their company.

With my short stint with the 'grands', I've had few realizations...

1. No matter how rich you are, it doesn't exempt you from getting old and becoming vulnerable.

2. Family and relationships are more important than amassing wealth because only love and affection could really comfort you during your old age.

3. When you get old, you'll realize that the things that truly matter are the 'simple' a smile, a pat on the shoulder, a caress, and encouraging words from significant others.

4. People don't really get old...they don't stop feeling the things that young people feel...instead they are intensely more sensitive of their feelings,specially with how others treat them.

5. Elderly people when talking to them expresses only about two things: regrets and wonderful memories. Some of them have less or no wonderful memories to talk about, thus they are a lot regretful of time and opportunities lost. Those fortunate enough to have wonderful memories don't treat those mishaps as 'mishaps', just as learnings.

6. When you get old, it is important to have wonderful memories to comfort and help you get through the tough times of solitude and loneliness.

7. Love is the most powerful thing.

I've had managed to get intimate with some of the elderly and I think they have enriched and re-shaped me along the way. I was telling myself that if and when I made it really big, I'd adopt their 'home' and make their remaining days as memorable as they can be.

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