Thursday, October 26, 2006

My much-awaited trip

Remember how I often whine about not getting the much-deserved vacation for a long time? Well, now I have got no reasons to continue doing so. I just had a China!

Although I've been to Hong Kong in 2004 already, the Cebu Pacific's promo rates are simply irresistible. :-) I took me all the pain in going through their online ticketing system, searching available dates and at the same time checking with my class schedules. Thank God all was, I was able to fly to HK! Yipeeee!

This trip though was even more special because all my siblings (the four of us) were together. It was their first to be abroad. They're ecstatic to the nth level, you could say. :-) I enjoyed showing them the places that I've been to before and appreciated the fact that we're seeing them together this time. The last time I was there, I kept on saying to myself, "I wish they could see all these beauty." The following year, my parents adhered to my advice to visit HK before going to U.S. so that they'll have a 'sneak preview' of what it's going to be in the U.S. (parang testing ground ba!) hehehe

Cebu Pacific's flights from Cebu and Davao were red-eye flights. But what the heck, it was cheap. I paid 9,633 for a roundtrip ticket from Davao. I was excited to see HK again, nabitin ako last time eh. Then the nexst stop was Shenzhen, which was just 2 stations away from where we're staying (at my Uncle's place in Sheung Shui). We've ridden both the KCR and MTR's first to last stations....astig noh? hahaha

Hmmm the best talaga ang trip na ito...Here are some of the pics of our trip (we took almost 600 shots by the way!).

Gondola in Venice, Italy (Myself, Mimi, Ria, Coco)

Having a swell time in Hong Kong Central

With Mimi, on an MTR going to Tsim Sha Tsui

Have a good day everyone...


  1. window of the world is a nice place to visit in shenzhen.

    travelling is exciting in itself but a trip with your siblings makes it more exciting and special at the same time.

  2. tk: hi doki, yeah medyo nabuhayan ako ng dugo!haha

    evi: have you been there too? ang galing di ba? hehehe thanks for visiting here..:-)