Thursday, October 26, 2006

I want more of Macau!

After galloping in Hong Kong, we then proceeded to Macau....It's already planned months ahead and it can't be compromised by other 'spontaneous' itinerary.

I'm so excited about Macau because I'm going to see my closest friend in Philhealth, Sunshine. She left the Corporation last March to work in Macau International Airport. PRO XI was truly saddened by her decision to leave. But well, kung san ka masaya, suportahan ka gid namin, Shine. :-)

From HK, we boarded a jetfoil bound to Macau for almost an hour. We were lucky because the weather was fine, so sunny and cooperative.

Macau by approach is really impressive. High-rise casinos are built fore-front of the harbor. You could just imagine it by night, when all lights are lit. It was quite a vision. Unlike HK, in Macau, there are no MTR and KCRs. Just busses and taxis. The atmosphere is a lot relaxed compared to HK's bustle. And the influence of a Western culture is truly imminent. You can hardly believe you're still in a Chinese-populated area.

Rigth away, Shine brought us to the famous "Senado Square". It is so Western-looking. It's the main business center of Macau. All the signature shops are lined-up there. Boutiques such as Bossini, Body Shop, Giordano, Gucci, Baleno, Quiksilver, etc are all in one place.

at the Senado Square with Sunshine (our host)

Macau's Business Center (Pahinga muna!)

I got excited when chancing upon a boutique wherein San Chai
was their endorser! (With their sales attendant, o d va bongga?!)

St. Paul's Ruins...very majestic indeed!

Then we had our lunch at a certain Chinese restaurant (Macau style) where we were served with fried rice, fried wantan, and the rest I couldn't remember because of its chinese names. Gosh, it was sumptuous.

Zu hai, another district of mainland China, which is just a bridge away from the border of Macau is also a different story. We crossed the border and wow, it was a shopping haven. There's this one big mall there and it's all food there. Lahat ng binebenta na mga cutie munchies in the malls are all there and so cheap you would cry. hahaha You'd hate the mall enterprisers for selling them at a seemingly 'cheap' prices here but back there, gosh, cheap is the word.

Since we didn't have enough time to tour the city, we're so resolved to go back there...soon! I've had enough of HK already. I want to go back to Macau and Zu hai to shop 'til I drop!


  1. That I missed. I heard Macau is sort of the sin city of Asia.

  2. stanley ho's domain, I heard.

  3. tk & evi: yeah, so they say...but what can a traveler do but admire and be lured by its charm & beauty. :-)