Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Care to be happy?

Just last week, so many things were happening in my life. I have a hospital duty, prelim exams coming up, and projects due for submission. I think I couldn't have survived if not with my new philosophy..."Live life one day at a time." It really helped...a lot.

And now, I have found a new one that I really take into my heart and mind, and that when I feel I'm about to burst for some 'lower life forms', I recite this over and over again...

"To be happy, we must not be too concerned with others..." - Albert Camus.

I don't know who this person is..I just saw this quote when I was browsing the net for inspiring and motivational quotes. It has become my habit to look for one 'appropriate' quote that best express my current mood, thoughts, and disposition....

I'm not saying that we should stop caring for others but we must not over indulged ourselves in being "too concerned" of other people....meaning, we must not overburden ourselves with what other people around us would say if we did this, say that, didn't do this, didn't say eventually realize that it is so pathetic...caring for those things. It what makes us so miserable, whether we admit it or not. Thus, we're letting them rob away from us the right to be happy.

Another message that a friend of mine forwarded to me was, "Always be you- not the version of you that you think others will like and love...give everyone the freedom not to like in your uniqueness and just live..."

And it is just so liberating...having to break from the chains of compliance and adherence. It's eroding the real person in me. And so now, I'm happy because I'm carefree...

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