Friday, June 18, 2010

Weaving my very own fairy tale

As a little child, just like so many others, I have always loved and believed in fairy tales. I still can recall how it felt watching those movies... it always made me feel good and the world seemed so much brighter and sweeter.

But growing up means giving up some of those fantasies because they seemed to just drift away, out of grasp...or simply put, they become something 'out of reality.'

Now, being a wife and a mother, and just watching my child sleeping, I wonder if I could still salvage my belief in fairy tales...and that of happy endings. Then I realized, I am living and weaving my very own fairy tale.

Every girl dreams of a "Knight in Shining Armor" to sweep her off her feet someday and they'll have a little bundle of joy and a happy ending. As for me, my knight did come along and swept me off my feet and now we have a little girl to complete our family. 

I am glad that no matter how tainted my life gets, I still have that heart of a child deep within me.... a heart that believes. I need to keep that heart especially now that I have another child to help me weave many more fairy tales.

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