Friday, January 12, 2007

The man I've been mooning over

Kim Jeong Hoon

Isn't he just heavenly? Even in the Princess Hours series, I have liked him the moment I set my eyes upon him. He exudes mystery, depth, and passion. He seemed to be the type who values solitude and a possessor of intense emotions. I like him...a lot.

I love the way he grins. The way he stares to the one he's talking with. It's like as if his eyes reveal what his mouth fails or refuses to say. I like the melancholic aura of his. I like people who has aches inside. It just means they have the ability to feel and that they're human. :-)

And he's got a nice voice, too. He used to belong to a popular Korean male group and has been acclaimed across Asia for his singles. I think, next to Mandarin and French, I'll want to learn Korean language. Lord knows when will I find to do all these!haha Maybe I'll have to stay in each country to really learn them from the 'native tongue', so to speak.

Definitely, this man is my 'man of the hour'. Don't you want to be a princess if you've got Kim Jeong Hoon as your prince? Hmmmm I like...hahaha


  1. I have seen him all over the blogs. He's so cute...alright!

  2. d ba cute syang talaga? you should watch the Princess Hours..hehe