Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Blessed or just lucky?

I’m savoring my momentary reprieve and tried to spend my free time doing things that I haven’t done for so long. After office, we watched the movie, “Just my Luck,” and terribly enjoyed myself.

I laughed at the idea that in this oh so big world, there are really people who couldn’t get any luckier and people who are just deliriously oozing with it…Then I realized that I myself have a habit of saying to people that I know, “Lucky you” every time good things spun their way. And end up consoling myself, “Well, my time will come.” I guess I’ll have to change such habit.

I’m not a lucky person. I refuse to say that. I’d rather think I’m blessed. Feeling blessed for me doesn’t equate to being lucky at all. Luck is nothing but a game of chance. As the saying goes, “Luck runs out eventually.” It’s not just luck to have landed a job that you have now, you worked hard at it in College just so you’ll not have a rough time getting one when you graduate. It’s not luck that you’ve got a wonderful family and friends, or even a romantic partner. You chose to be amiable and lovable to have them love you back.

My entire point on this matter is that, luck may give you temporary happiness but that emotion is so fleeting. Now if you ever put it in your psyche that you are blessed no matter what comes your way and that hardships are just tests to your endurance and would just soon end, then who needs luck?

Come to think of it, it is us who make our own worries, troubles, and woes. And they usually only end when we have managed to find ways of solving them. They just don’t disappear on their own, they never do… it is only by doing something about it, making necessary adjustments in our personal lives that they end. A problem is only resolved when we have come to reconcile our own personal issues to what reality truly is and what matters.

So, are you feeling lucky or blessed?

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